Letter: Mindless escapism

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Sir: I wonder at those politicians who condemn Dick and Dom In Da Bungalow as irresponsible and not within the BBC's public service remit ("Morning Sickness", Review, 1 February).

My sister and I are both in our mid-20s and are responsible citizens who work in the NHS (I'm a scientist, and my sister is a nurse). Yet, like many of our peers, for a few hours on Saturday morning, both of us kick back and enjoy the mindless escapism of Dick and Dom. So it isn't "educational" or "worthy". If I wanted that I could watch the BBC on almost any other day of the week. Dick and Dom still fulfil a public service in providing enjoyment and relaxation to swaths of hard-working people. It should be something we celebrate, not condemn. To those critics of the Dick and Dom I say: Bogeys!


Thatcham, Berkshire