Letter: Mink-farming diminishes us

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Mink-farming diminishes us

Sir: What a thoroughly complacent and depressing article by Richard North about the factory farming of a wild animal -mink ("Fur coats come in from the cold", 6 March). Mink farmers appear to be proud of the tidiness, cleanliness and lack of smell within the little Belsens that they have created.

No discussion is raised of the possibility of the animal having an opportunity to live its life in accord with its wild and courageous nature. It is seen as a provider for our consumption and profit for its insensitive breeder.

What of the ethics of this business? What of the real needs of these creatures doomed to be gassed at seven months of age?

Just open the cage and see it bolt for the freedom of fresh air amongst woodland and stream. We are all diminished by this appalling trade.


East Twickenham, Middlesex