Letter: Misconceptions about students' unions

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Sir: On behalf of thousands of Labour students, I wish to protest at the Government's renewed attack on the National Union of Students. John Patten's claim that the destruction of the NUS will delight students of all political persuasions is one of the more spurious to have come out of Brighton.

The NUS can argue its own case, but it is one which only the politically malicious would refuse to recognise. It is clear that the Government's real motive in making the NUS a high-profile issue is to obscure the fundamental issues of overcrowding and general underfunding of the education system. Those are issues, the reality of student poverty and homelessness, on which Mr Patten remains shamefacedly silent. While the Tories are tearing themselves apart, they must not be allowed to tear up the only representation students have.

Yours faithfully,



National Organisation of

Labour Students

London, SE1