Letter: Mistress of Quarr

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From Dr P. Stone

Sir: It is to be hoped that next time Michael Bouchier goes on retreat ("Escape from virtual reality", 22 July), he will spend a little more time reading about the history of the place.

If Quarr Abbey was founded by the Earl of Devon in 1132, his countess was most certainly not the Princess Cicely, daughter of Edward IV, since she was not born until 1469!

However, when she died in 1507, she was buried at Quarr. Another of Edward's daughters, Katherine, was the Countess of Devon, but again, not married to de Redvers!

I am glad Mr Bouchier enjoyed his stay at Quarr. It is a lovely site. Is he, by any chance, descended from the Bourchier family, one member of which was Edward IV's brother-in-law, the earl of Essex, while another, Cardinal Thomas, crowned Edward, his brother, Richard III, and their successor, Henry VII?

Yours faithfully,

P. Stone

Chairman, London Branch

Richard III Society



24 July