Letter: Modern war crime to which the Government consents

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Sir: Those of us who support development agencies such as World Development Movement, Cafod and the Campaign Against the Arms Trade, have been lobbying about landmines for some time. We only receive replies from the Ministry of Defence and the Prime Minister's office giving contradictory reasons for Britain's refusal to support an international ban on them.

The Independent does a humanitarian service by alerting public opinion to this appalling evil ('UN aid goes to landmine makers' and leading article, 6 June). One headline reaches more people than small agencies can hope to do.

The British people will surely support a global ban on the development and manufacture of such devices which are becoming more sophisticated and detection-proof and which go on killing the innocent long after the fighting has ceased, as well as preventing the return of refugees and the planting of food.

Yours faithfully,


Pax Christi, UK


6 June