Letter: Money floods in for cancer boy

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Sir: What a tremendous response from readers of The Independent to our appeal for leukaemia boy Fahim Manji, the 12-year-old from Tanzania who cannot get chemotherapy back home or be treated on the NHS. Our offices at The Harrow Observer have been inundated with donations since you reported Fahim's plight on your front page (16 August).

Fahim's parents, Amin and Nasim Manji, are trying to raise pounds 60,000 to complete his treatment, without which doctors at the Royal Free Hospital in London say he would have died by now. They want to offer their thanks to everyone who sent money and prayers for their boy's recovery.

Our biggest single donation to date has been pounds 10,000 from a reader in Twyford, Berkshire. We have also had several cheques for pounds 500 as well as much smaller amounts and many "get well" cards from children.

Fahim is in good spirits, now half way through his long course of chemotherapy, and has a good chance of recovery if he completes the treatment. We are still a fair way off from the full amount. May I remind your readers that the Fahim Manji Appeal is still open? Donations should be sent c/o The Harrow Observer, 326 Station Road, Harrow HAl 2DR


Editor, Harrow Observer Series