Letter: Monumental art

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Sir: Rachel Whiteread's House has captured the imagination of 500- 800 visitors daily. They leave with the image of a work of art they will not forget. It was indeed generous of Bow Standing Neighbourhood Committee to allow House to be made (Letters, 25 November). It would be even more public-spirited for members to allow it to remain a few weeks so that others could see it.

House was not intended to be a monument but it has become monumental. Relatively few people outside the art world see much work by Turner Prizewinners. We owe it to them and to the artist to persuade Councillor Flounders and his colleagues to reconsider their decision. They have nothing to lose, perhaps everything to gain.

Yours faithfully,


Director of Visual Arts

The Arts Council of

Great Britain

London, SW1

26 November