Letter: Moral bankruptcy wins the day

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Sir: That our government could even consider that the commemoration of the vast loss of life suffered on D-Day is a fitting event for corporate sponsorship is final proof (if any is needed) of its total moral bankruptcy ('Sponsors asked to invade D-Day', 29 April).

The men who fell on the beaches of Normandy died not for the selfish greed of multinational companies, but for justice and freedom against oppression. That the Government could possibly believe that the people of this country would be unwilling to spend a mere pounds 500,000 in honour of their sacrifice is insulting.

To hear that the already tasteless Hyde Park jamboree could be 'brought to us in association with GEC' is one of the most offensive things I have heard. If these firms truly wish to help honour the heroism of the D-Day dead, and its survivors, then they must donate their money with no strings attached.

Yours sincerely,


Dunblane, Perthshire

29 April