Letter: More trains in the South

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More trains in the South

Sir: This winter, Connex South Central will be running more train services than we did last winter - 1633 compared with 1582, which is significantly more services than the 1450 we inherited from British Rail. It also considerably exceeds our contractual commitments.

These facts - ignored in your business comment of 9 September - mean we will continue to operate a turn-up-and-go service on the South London Metro, with many of its stations still receiving at least six trains an hour.

Since we launched the South London Metro in June last year, we have seen consistent month-on-month growth, with increased sales of cheap day return tickets, one-day travelcards and season tickets. I am puzzled by your statement, "If Connex South Central could not make a go of its new Metro service ... "


Service Group Manager, South London

Connex South Central

Croydon, Surrey