Letter: Morse first name revealed at bank

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Sir: In response to your piece concerning the Christian name of Colin Dexter's Chief Inspector Morse ("Endeavour is answer to Morse code", 24 September), I wish to correct the writer as to the occasion when the clue to his first name was given.

The only clue given on television was in the episode entitled "Masonic Mysteries" (first broadcast on 24 January, 1990), when pounds 99,999.99 was transferred into Morse's account with the West Sussex Savings Bank. The computer screen identifies the account as in the name of "E Morse".

The clue was not given, as stated, on a bed chart in a hospital. Inspector Morse has not been hospitalised in any of the 30 televised episodes so far, and one hopes that this will remain the case in the 31st episode currently in production.


Sturton by Stow, Lincolnshire