Letter: Mortal danger in the heart of Europe

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From Mr Sami George

Sir: Having just returned from an aid effort in Bosnia, I can safely say that our reputation among the citizens and humanitarian workers has reached new depths of contempt.

John Major, Douglas Hurd and Malcolm Rifkind are seen as the main international agents for a Greater Serbia, acting as a counterweight to German influence in Europe. Having failed to prevent the break-up of Yugoslavia, British government strategy since then has been to work towards a quick victory for the Serbs. The only thing that has got in the way is the determined resistance of the Bosnian Muslims.

As humanitarian aid workers, our primary concern is for the considerable loss to Britain's reputation as a defender of human rights and international law. Having lost our industrial might during the Eighties, are we now to lose our moral integrity as well?

Yours sincerely,

Sami George

Bosnia Convoy


18 July