Letter: Moses and Rees-Mogg

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Sir: With all the respect due to William Rees-Mogg and Isaac Watts, the latter's 'view of God's relationship to time' ('Is this the end of life as I know it?', 21 December) was Moses' before it was his. Psalm 90, ascribed by the New International Version of the Bible to 'Moses the man of God', states in verse 4:

For a thousand years in your sight

are like a day that has just gone by,

or like a watch in the night.

Lest anyone should doubt my respect for Lord Rees-Mogg, let me tell you I am devastated that his column of 21 December 'will be the last one'. To quote the Psalms again (Psalm 28 Verse 1b NIV):

For if you remain silent,

I shall be like those who have gone down to the pit.

Yours faithfully,




21 December