Letter: Moving the LSE to County Hall

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Sir: The former Dean of St Paul's suggests (letter, 13 August) that the London School of Economics, sited in County Hall, would be well placed to carry on some of the tasks undertaken by that building's former tenant. He talks of the LSE providing a focus for information about London, particularly to an international audience. It certainly could. But let us not forget that many of the Greater London Council's former information functions survive at the London Research Centre, though now under the direct control of all 32 London boroughs and the Corporation of London.

Certainly, London needs to be able to present itself to a world audience in a fiercely competitive environment. The LSE is well placed, wherever it lives, to join the many initiatives under way on this front - such as the Government's London Business Forum, the First Stop-Shop proposed by the Cities of London and Westminster with the London Docklands' Development Corporation, and the future use of Somerset House. But an information base for all this activity thrives at the London Research Centre, which is already active in promoting London abroad.

Yours sincerely,


Chief Executive

London Research Centre

London, SE1

14 August