Letter: MPs misjudge mood over Bosnia

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Sir: There have been atrocities on all sides in Bosnia, but the central thrust of events has involved vastly superior Bosnian Serb forces, supplied through Belgrade, killing or displacing Muslims from their own country.

The response of Western Europe's leaders has, to quote Paddy Ashdown, been 'spineless' and 'gutless' throughout.

The Bosnian Serbs have been able to carry on their military campaign because they have always guessed, rightly, that Western demands would not be backed by force.

Now it is all too late. So-called safe havens for Muslims are pin- pricks on the map of their own country. Life in these 'havens' is intolerable, with three or four times normal populations crammed into effective prisons. There is no safe way in or out. Many thousands more have already been killed or dispersed to live their lives as refugees.

The curtain is closing on the most shameful episode in European history since the rise of Hitler, giving encouragement to increasing numbers of racists and fascists in Britain, France and Germany, and the green light to any younger nations who wish to pursue a policy of ethnic cleansing.

Yours sincerely,



West Midlands

11 June