LETTER: MPs' salaries: market forces, professional parity and job cuts

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From Mr Martin Hommel

Sir: I cannot agree with Andrew Marr's analysis entirely. All of us, the ordinary members of the workforce, are constantly being told by (mainly Conservative MPs) that low wages are good for us and encourage overseas employers to create more lowly- paid jobs in this country than anywhere else in the European Union.

So if low-paying jobs are good enough for us who elect the MPs in the first place, why on earth should a different rule apply to them? Also, as the American and German examples show, paying MPs more does not necessarily mean you obtain a more intelligent class of MP.

The truth is that MPs are greedy the world over and will put their snout in any trough that's offered to them.

Yours sincerely,

M. Hommel

Great Kimble,


16 January