Letter: Music on the Net

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Sir: Wendy Grossman (Comment, 28 May) is right to point out that the Internet is a great forum for writers to get their music to a wider audience. The opportunities are exciting, but songwriters and composers continue to rely on royalties to make a living. We are entitled to continue to get paid for our work in the new age.

As a working songwriter I rely on copyright and the ability to enforce my rights to ensure payment. I don't actually get paid for writing a song: I only earn money when it is bought or played. I do not have the luxury of hoping that an unregulated Net will result in fair and timely payment.

It is not just the most successful songwriters who benefit from the British Music Rights campaign. All will benefit from an environment in which we can write for an international on-line audience without worrying about how we will get paid.


London N10