Letter: Music to some ears

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Sir: I feel sorry that Kevin Jackson ('Another time, another place', 13 July) is unable to enjoy an original presentation of Tosca on television. Many of us can no longer aspire to the extravagant delight of a night at the opera, and a trip to Rome is out of the question; but here, at last, we had both Puccini and Rome in our living rooms. Mr Jackson's sentence 'And true, it really did sound grand (to untutored ears, at least) and must have slayed viewers from Algiers to Zimbabwe or whatever', was both arrogant and patronising.

I 'tuned in before the muesli hour on Sunday' and was rewarded by the sight of the early morning sun shining over the roofs of Rome and the sound of Domingo's exquisite tenor. I watched and listened to the entire opera again in the evening and went to bed with the music singing in my ears. Untutored ears, of course.

Yours faithfully,


Tonbridge, Kent