Letter: Muslims and the bombs: Islamic teaching; peace process; Israeli actions; Iranian resistance

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Sir: Charles Richards ('Israelis believe attack marks a new onslaught', 28 July) refers to the Peoples Mujahedin Organisation of Iran (PMOI) as a 'terrorist organisation'. In fact, the PMOI is a democratic and just resistance movement which has spent the past 15 years exposing the very dangers posed by the Iranian fundamentalist regime that the world is gradually waking up to witness.

Mr Richards should try to distinguish between acts of terrorism that are intended to intimidate by killing and injuring innocent people and acts of resistance against a dictatorship that has denied people any 'legitimate' means of defending their rights and freedoms.

Similarly, you might make the distinction between Islamic fundamentalism, which is but a political ideology, and Islam, which is a religion of mercy, compassion and peaceful coexistence.

Yours sincerely,


People's Mujahedin of Iran - Britain

London, NW11

28 July