Letter: Muslims and the bombs: Islamic teaching; peace process; Israeli actions; Iranian resistance

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Sir: Chaim Bermant writes that moderate Arabs have reconciled themselves to the existence of Israel ('Bombs that give us strength', 28 July). Islamic fundamentalists are wrong about many issues, but they are right to view Israel as 'a Western outpost in a Muslim world'.

Theodor Herzl, founder of Zionism, described a Zionist state as 'a portion of the rampart of Europe against Asia'. However, the Arab people continue to oppose Israel, not because it is

colonial in origin, but because it is a state founded upon the dispossession of the Palestinian people.

The bombs left in London were vicious and reckless attacks, but no different from any bomb dropped on Beirut. Terrorism against Israeli targets must be understood in context as well as condemned.

Yours faithfully,



28 July