LETTER : My Luxembourg: a very different place

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From Mr Derek Prag

Sir: What on earth happened to your usually reliable reporter Andrew Marshall (Luxembourg Days, 18 April)? Was he hit by a sudden acute depression? Was his only suit ruined by the rain? Did he fall off the Ro'de Breck (the magnificent single-span bridge), or into an open sewer? Did he have no time to listen to a concert by the very good Radio Luxembourg orchestra? Was there no band playing in the charming Place d'Armes?

Was he compelled to eat at McDonald's, because the Independent kept him on short commons, or had he just forgotten his Michelin guide which lists more starred restaurants for Luxembourg's tiny area and population than for any other comparable area and population in Europe?

Did his reporting tasks, or the unfortunate weather, prevent him from enjoying a walk on one of the marked paths through some of the most beautiful countryside in Europe, full of perfectly genuine medieval castles?

Did he have no time to visit the marketplace with its colourful and amiable flower and vegetable market on a Wednesday or Saturday morning?

And as for those Brussels-Luxembourg trains, they're not Luxembourg railway trains at all, they're Belgian.

Fie on you, Mr Marshall. Go back to Luxembourg and try again, and may your usual good temper and impartiality be speedily restored.

Yours faithfully,


Honorary MEP

Digswell, Hertfordshire