Letter: Narrow-minded, morally censorious depiction of single life

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From Ms Rosy Wright

Sir: Yes, I am lonely and depressed. I write as a divorced mother-of- three in response to Angela Lambert's article as I would like to share my experiences with a dating agency.

From my first phone call in answer to an ad in the local paper, I deduced that the agency was very much a one-woman show. After an initial chat, the woman sent me a list of prospective suitable males - 22 of them - but I have no evidence of their actual existence, just Christian names, appearance and interests. She has repeatedly promised me phone calls from these members but none has materialised.

Three weeks after paying out my "lifelong membership" (what a dismal thought!) I attended one social event. This amounted to five women and one (bald) man meeting in a seedy pub in Brighton. The awful truth slowly dawned on me. We went to a casino, where the man soon disappeared with one of the women. I only lost pounds 1.50 at the tables, but I had paid out over pounds 100 to spend an evening gambling with three older women. I've had more fun playing Cluedo with my children.

I've written to the proprietor of the agency, asking for a complete refund. According to Angela Lambert, such agencies are common but should they be allowed to continue without restriction? I know I've been a sucker but how many others have fallen for the promise of pleasant company?

Yours sincerely,

Rosy Wright


East Sussex

19 October