Letter: NASUWT and disruptive kids

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Sir: It was disgraceful for "other teachers' unions" to suggest (report, 14 May) that the dispute over the pupil at Hebburn school in South Tyneside has more to do with a membership battle than with the educational needs of the other children.

NASUWT has been trying to resolve this, and indeed many other problems of a similar nature, quietly behind the scenes for many months. The Independent, along with the rest of the media, has reported that last year NASUWT had to deal with some 51 cases of this kind. The NASUWT has never sought to publicise the names of the schools or the individuals concerned. In the two most recent cases this was the decision of others.

For years I have been warning the Government that this kind of problem, caused by the ill-conceived Appeal Panel system, could explode into great public confrontation.

For more than a quarter of a century the NASUWT has offered exactly the same support to all members faced with violent and disruptive pupils as it recently offered to those in schools in Nottingham and South Tyneside. The policy is based upon the needs of members and nothing else.

Nigel de Gruchy

General Secretary


London WC2