Letter: National Theatre tours the world

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Sir: I fail to understand how the National can be said to be "upstaged" by the RSC tour plans (report, 16 April). By the end of this year we will have toured four large-scale productions to 15 venues in England, Wales and Scotland and four other productions to Holland, Greece, Germany and Ireland; we will also have mounted a twelve-week world tour, staged two productions in New York, and toured a small-scale production to 19 theatres in Britain.

In addition, we are responsible for BT National Connections, a partnership scheme with 10 regional theatres, in which 144 youth groups from all over the UK participate, culminating in 12 performances in the Olivier and Cottesloe in July.

I don't know if this activity is sufficiently "rock'n'roll" for your correspondent, but if the RSC has equally ambitious plans, Britain is being well served by its two national theatre companies.


Artistic Director

Royal National Theatre

London SE1