Letter: NCT must remain free from commercial interests

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Sir: I can reassure your correspondent, Steve Hickman (Letters, 7 May), that the disquiet over the National Childbirth Trust's links with Sainsbury's is not an attempt to prevent the manufacture, sale or use of formula milk. This is a legitimate activity, and I fully support parents' choices over infant feeding. I would like to see all parents being able to make an informed choice, and for me that means that their choice should be free from influence by commercial interests.

I hope that Mr Hickman and his partner felt that their breastfeeding counsellor was a source of independent information, and this is what I fear has been lost by the NCT accepting sponsorship from an infant formula manufacturer. This is why so many counsellors will leave unless this issue can be resolved. If we cannot provide the independent service we feel parents deserve, we will provide it elsewhere.



National Childbirth Trust

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Paisley, Renfrewshire