Letter: Need for a youth service is greater than ever

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Sir: Anthony Bevins's article ('Warning on youth service cost reductions', 29 April) highlighted one part of the growing problem in reducing youth service budgets.

The London Federation of Boys' Clubs is one of the capital's foremost youth organisations, with 190 affiliated clubs. These clubs provide constructive activities to assist boys and young men to develop into responsible citizens. There is, however, not one facility that has not been affected by drastic government cuts.

It is clear from recent media stories that the need for a youth service is greater than ever. The implications of the current financial cuts are multifold. Unemployment among young people is at an all-time high, young people are not getting on to the Government's promised training schemes, homelessness is increasing and truancy is spiralling.

As the proliferation of cuts in the youth service multiplies countrywide, it is not only crime among our youth that will be on the increase.

Yours faithfully,


General Secretary

London Federation of Boys' Clubs

London, E14