Letter: Need for immediate action in Bosnia - and the risks

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Sir: As demonstrated yet again in Sarajevo at the weekend, for evil to triumph it is necessary only that the good do nothing. Is it so hard to distinguish between aggressor and innocent when a town is under siege and civilians are shelled from a hilltop, repeatedly, for two years?

Every day's indifference diminishes the humanity in all of us. By our inaction we, who were not at first to blame, become more guilty. We have the luxury of distance and emotional impartiality, but our refusal to make any judgement betokens a horrifying lack of conscience.

Making distinctions between Serbs, Croats and Muslims only fudges the issue and prolongs the suffering. Those who have no way of defending themselves must be defended, whichever 'community' they belong to.

Yours sincerely,



8 February