Letter: Neither classless nor classy

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JOHN MAJOR has again proved to have no understanding of the way in which the institutions and people of this country operate. His new honours list seeks to implement his vision of a classless society; it fails miserably. Some 70 assorted bus drivers, traffic wardens and midwives are honoured amid the usual collection of civil servants, actors, sports administrators, businessmen and elderly Tory MPs.

So what is the criterion now: time-serving, extraordinary service, or just serving Mr Major? I note that the hoteliers who put Mr and Mrs Major up earlier this year have been awarded MBEs. Does this mean that I can now nominate the charming couple who looked after me and my family in Broadstairs last year? And can we now look forward to awards for the Major milkman, postman, baker and candlestick maker? And how many more of Mr Major's sporting heroes can we expect to see honoured? Such kingly behaviour from such an unexpected quarter]

No, this list is a perfect example of the lack of consistency and thorough thought which characterises our present Prime Minister and his administration. It is not classless. And it is not classy, either. Jimmy Tarbuck? Shirley Bassey? Where are the inspired awards to people who have inspired us during the past year, such as Sally Becker? Another fine Major mess, I'm afraid.

William Davey

London SW8