Letter: New faiths for a changing, plural Britain

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Sir: Kenan Malik concludes his article ('A miracle no prince can perform', 27 June):

So long as an exclusive concept of Britishness remains at the heart of national life, one culture and one faith will remain more equal than the others.

What the Prince of Wales seems to be saying is that the concept of Britishness is changing and must continue to change, so that to be British will no longer be an exclusive concept, but an inclusive one. We will no longer define Britishness by contrast with other cultures, but in terms of a society built upon traditional values related to the multi-religious and multicultural world in which we are now living.

What is important is that this vision should embrace not only the Church of England as an established church, but also all Christians of whatever denomination - and it should be understood and accepted by British citizens of other faiths as a contemporary definition of our culture.

Yours faithfully,


Tenterden, Kent

27 June