Letter: New `Independent'

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The Independent Online
Sir: Being of a nervous disposition, I read your warning of a changing Independent with some trepidation. This "tougher for journalists and better for readers" concept, although reassuring for myself, had me concerned for the well-being of your columnists and reporters.

I've stayed with The Independent since it started when I was in my fifties and remember the short-lived weekly, "for the young and independent", of eight years ago. You still seemed to be looking to this readership and I wondered if I'm now too old for you.

I therefore reached for the telephone to cancel my order but then thought better of it. Tomorrow would do. Well now I have it before me and I think you've pulled another one out of the hat, so will stay and wait for the opinions and the effect it may have on the other broadsheets. Perhaps we may learn what Stephen Glover and Andreas Whittam Smith think you've done to their baby.