Letter: New Labour, new mayor

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Sir: I feel excited and relieved at the prospect of an authority for London ("The red flag could fly over County Hall again", 24 May). But if "Britain deserves better" then so does London.

This election saw a revolution in Parliament which is now, for the first time, made up of people who share the language, experiences, values - and looks - of many, many more of us. So, why, when we are at long last freed from grey faces and anachronistic attitudes in Parliament, do we see so many of them put forward as possible mayors for London?

London needs someone who represents "new Londoners" and their values, who understands the complexities of the capital and its people, and who can inspire us as well. This person must help us develop our sense of identity as Londoners by celebrating all our geographic and cultural differences. Our mayor must not just be about selling London.

Perhaps this important function needs more than one person? It is high time to open up the real discussion about the mayoral function for London.


Founder member and past director

Vision for London

London NW11