Letter: New roads are only a small part of Europe's transport plans

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THE PROSPECT of the cynical destruction of Europe by the road lobby over the next 20 years depresses me terribly. I gave up owning a car in 1980 because I could see that unrestrained vehicle use was causing pollution and ruining towns and countryside. Many friends have done the same. We have kept fitter and reduced our expenses. Yet you would think from newspaper articles that no normal person could manage without a car, and that we are helpless to oppose the rising pollution and creeping concrete of the car's relentless takeover of the planet. The Swiss have had the good sense to resist this and ban foreign lorries.

Why does the Independent on Sunday not take up the important cause of public transport, railways and cycling, and campaign against private cars and mammoth lorries, instead of dirty dogs?

Liz Moloney

London SW6