Letter: New uses for the precincts of St Paul's Cathedral

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Sir: In his article about the revised Paternoster Square redevelopment (5 August), Jonathan Glancey starts from the premise that the proposals still block the view of St Paul's Cathedral and that they contain even more unwanted office space. He concludes by suggesting that piecemeal, mixed-use development would be better for the site.

There is another solution: to turn the site into an open green area, with trees and grass and pathways - even games pitches. That is something the City has always lacked and sorely needs. The only green sites in the City are the remaining churchyards. Wren's architecture does require being set off by deciduous trees. The view would not be affected by small development on the north and west sides of the site.

Of course, this solution will never happen: there is no money to be made from a few acres of grass. Nevertheless, if the City Corporation, the Duchy of Cornwall or the Church would only start a fund to buy the freehold for that purpose, I feel confident that the advantages to the public would be recognised and the capital would be quickly forthcoming.

Yours faithfully,


Crowborough, East Sussex

5 August