Letter: Nigerian crime wave

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Nigerian crime wave

It has become a pastime for the press to make Nigeria a scapegoat for the inability of the system to check rampant sharp practice (" sweeps through Britain", 2 February).

Nigeria has a sophisticated array of professionals in virtually all areas of British developmental effort - all contributing most assiduously toward bettering their lives and the British system. Nigeria cannot be held responsible for ineffective checks on possible abuses in councils by a few rotten eggs among her large population in the UK.

Admittedly, there are some Nigerians who have chosen unorthodox means of livelihood to reciprocate British hospitality, but a clear distinction has to be made between this small band of misfits and honest, hardworking and disciplined Nigerians.

It is important to stress that Nigeria is neither a producing nor a consuming nation of hard drugs. As far back as 1985, Nigeria took the unprecedented step of executing three undergraduates for drug trafficking. It was the first in the African continent. This is just to show how seriously Nigeria takes the war against drugs and financial crime.

If Britain could co-operate with Nigeria, or even put up 10 per cent of the effort that the Nigerian government has devoted so far to fighting these crimes, the situation would have been abated.


Editor/Deputy Head, Nigeria Information Service Centre

Nigeria High Commission

London WC2