Letter: Nipper - an ending on a happier note

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Sir: Before you and your readers become bored with 'Nipper', may I comment on Joan Gordon-Thompson's letter (23 August)? Francis Barraud died 29 August 1924 and was buried in Hampstead Cemetery. After selling the 'Nipper' painting to the Gramophone Company in 1899 (for pounds 100, a good price at the time), Francis not only continued painting but had a photographic studio in Liverpool, which he ran with his youngest brother, Philip (my husband's grandfather).

In his later years he moved to St John's Wood, London. He received a small pension from HMV and continued to paint copies of the Nipper painting for HMV's overseas offices. So although not wealthy, he did not die in poverty.

Also, Nipper was not Francis's dog, but originally belonged to another brother, Mark. When Mark died, and his family split up, Francis and Philip looked after the dog. When Mark's family were able to make a home together again, Nipper returned to them.

Nipper died of a stroke, at the age of 11 years, in September 1895.

Yours faithfully,




23 August