Letter: No ambiguity in Corto's sexuality

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From Ms Isabella Ruso

Sir: It was with sadness that I read of the death of the creator of the legendary Corto Maltese (Hugo Pratt obituary, 31 August), not least because of the end it heralds to his adventures. As the obituary was also to some extent that of Corto, I would like to take issue with Mr Kirkup's utterly unfounded claim about his "sexual ambiguity"; from what does he deduce this? Corto's affairs were always with women, and in his dreams it is they that feature. Nor was Banshee O'Connan a long-term relationship. If anyone, it is his love for Pandora Grosvenor which recurs (in conversation) in his later adventures.

Yours faithfully,

Isabella Ruso

London, SW2