Letter: No CNN - no comment

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Sir: Jonathan Eyal's column 'Look what happened in Asia' (28 March) claims that CNN does not present commentary on stories, and cites the revolution in Moscow in October as an example. This will be inexplicable to those who watch us.

We present more opinion, commentary, analysis, debate, background and documentaries than any other network in the world. However, the basis for our network's reputation remains the clear and balanced presentation of the events of the day. The coverage is live from the scene, when that is possible, and originates from the world's largest news-gathering resources, considerably larger than those of the BBC.

During the time Mr Eyal was turning a blind eye to all we do (21 September-10 October 1993), our records document that we broadcast interviews with 94 experts on events in Russia. There were 23 such commentaries during the 24- hour period of the day of the attack on the parliament building (including an interview with Jonathan Eyal). Apparently, Mr Eyal was not watching his own appearance. Pity.



Executive Vice President

CNN Center

Atlanta, Georgia

28 March