Letter: No 'dreadful duty' on the disabled

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Sir: It is certainly true that many disabled people are now fighting for their rights (Richard D. North column, 21 June). It is also the case that, as a charity providing residential and care at home services for disabled people, there is no diminution of "special feeling" for our clients because of demands by them and other disabled people for equality.

I cannot see that compassion and respect for full civil rights, however vociferous some people may be in proclaiming those rights, are at odds with each other. Indeed, I wonder if you can have one without the other.

If Mr North visited the Leonard Cheshire Foundation's Homes and Services today, he would certainly not find any "dreadful duty" on disabled residents and clients to be "smilingly grateful" for the services they receive. Support and facilities to enable disabled people to live their lives as fully as possible, along with compassion and kindness, are as much their rights as they are of the non-disabled.

Yours faithfully,

Jeremy Hughes

Director, Public Affairs

Leonard Cheshire Foundation

London, SW1

23 June