Letter: No easy riding in London's bus lanes

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Sir: We were astonished to read your report 'It's always life in the fast lane for rollerbladers' (28 May), in which you state that there are no laws to prevent roller skaters hanging on to London buses. That you should appear to encourage the practice is highly regrettable.

In fact, the Road Traffic Act 1988 (Section 26) clearly states that if a person, without lawful authority or reasonable cause, takes hold of a motor vehicle while it is in motion on a road he is guilty of an offence.

Your further allegation that conductors have negotiated for a fare from people foolish enough to engage in such a dangerous activity is clearly nonsense and is presumably drawn from the sketch that appeared in an episode of Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em.

Our staff are concerned with the safety of their passengers and the safe operation of their buses at all times.

Yours faithfully,


Managing Director

London Buses

London, SW1

3 June