Letter: No gender divide

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THE IDEA that Nacsa (the National Association for Child Support Action) is a men's organisation is wrong ("Dads wage guerrilla war on CSA", 8 August). Many women are campaigning against the agency because of the trouble it causes families. In his 1998-99 report on the CSA, the Auditor General voices serious concerns about the operation of the agency and its errors - "almost one in four assessments are wrong", "pounds 23m paid by absent parents are overpayments" - and he sees nothing in the new White Paper reforms that might address these problems.

Baroness Hollis is looking for scapegoats. She is seeking to get public opinion on her side in order to bring in even more draconian legislation because the CSA is not working. As a grandmother of 60-plus years, I am pleased that I have been able to help and support those who have been targeted by this disreputable agency, and will continue to do so until families have a fair system of maintenance.


Baughurst, Hampshire