Letter: No ghosts at Berwick station

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Sir: In Jenny Lucas's article 'Tell us, who framed Roger Gordon?' (23 August), which lamented the retirement of Roger Gordon from Berwick station after 25 years, she stated: 'Daily we contemplated our ghost station with its shuttered ticket office and bolted waiting rooms; it was not easy to find a successor prepared to take on the new part-time post.'

Network SouthCentral did not have any difficulty replacing Mr Gordon; his successor has taken up his post, working at Berwick station from 6.30am-11.30am, Monday to Friday. Which means the ticket office is not shuttered, nor the waiting room bolted when they are most in demand by our customers.

Jenny Lucas also writes: 'How long before our small station is deemed uneconomical and consigned to brambles and bindweed?' I can assure Ms Lucas that Network SouthCentral has no intention whatsoever of closing down Berwick station; indeed, revenue taken at the station this year has shown a noticeable increase over last year.

One final point: Jenny Lucas described Roger Gordon as Berwick's 'stationmaster'. Unfortunately for the nostalgic, we no longer have stationmasters.

Yours faithfully,


Business Manager, Lewes


Network SouthCentral