Letter: No hypocrite

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Can we please have done with the use of the word "hypocrisy" to describe all opinions which are neither black nor white ("Christians against hypocrisy", Section 2, 12 October). Many people hold views between these two extremes and some strive to find a line between what is acceptable and what is not; so, I suspect, does the law. Having done this, they, like everyone else, argue their corner; this does not make them hypocrites. The word is fast becoming a portmanteau for anybody with a different point of view to one's own.

I am not yet convinced about cannabis, and was looking to Adele Blakeborough's article to help me decide. Some of it did but for the rest I was being asked to sit in judgement on your opponents on a dubious charge. This I am not prepared to do.

Brian Taylor

Salisbury, Wilts