Letter: No pastiche for Paternoster

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From Mr Paul Fisher

Sir: We should have the courage to develop Paternoster Square in a contemporary style or indeed in contemporary styles, representing the diversity and vigour of modern design. There is no reason why the site needs to be developed in a uniform way. Piecemeal development has characterised its history and would certainly be more truly reflective of the nature of the place than monolithic neo-classical pastiche.

And the cry that anything surrounding a "classic" building must be "in sympathy" with it is generally only the cry of the effete. The juxtaposition of Clare College and King's College Chapel, for example, has itself become a model vista but both are the essence of their own periods. Harmony and proportion can be achieved without cutesy replication of the style of another era.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Fisher

London, W2

12 January