LETTER: No pity for a reckless judge

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From Mr R. D. Williams

Sir: Angela Lambert's views on prostitution and "men's needs" are refreshing from a woman in what increasingly seems to be a feminist world. However, she has avoided certain points, and her mention of hypocrisy is dangerous.

The greatest hypocrisy must surely be a judge trying someone for a "crime" that he, himself, is accused of having committed. Whether or not you consider the purchase of sex or the use of drugs a crime, how can you allow anyone who is suspected of such offences to try in court similar offences perhaps perpetrated by others? If a judge or magistrate were suspected of shoplifting, would they be allowed to pass sentence on a destitute shoplifter?

It may be a sad fact that very many able people find it necessary to avoid public office because they wish to enjoy a private life, but it is paramount that those who have accepted public office must live by the rules that they themselves apply.

I decline any offer of office.

Yours faithfully,

R. D. Williams

Lower Hardres, Kent

26 September