LETTER: No pity for a reckless judge

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From Mr Philip D. Hall

Sir: Angela Lambert ("Keep out. This is a private view", 26 September) asserts that media intrusion is on the verge of destroying the notion of a private life, citing the case of Judge Thornton, who was caught in a sex and drugs orgy with two prostitutes.

If Judge Thornton had wished to keep his life private, there is no doubt he could have conducted it in a less reckless way. Cavorting with convicted prostitutes, not the sort of people to be well disposed towards judges, seemed an act of supreme folly from a man whose responsibility it was to supervise the conduct and etiquette of members of the Bar.

Many public figures maintain their own privacy. The fact that the judge failed is entirely due to his thoughtless behaviour. He is simply not fit to sit in judgement on others.

Yours faithfully,

Philip D. Hall


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London, E1

26 September