LETTER: No pity for a reckless judge

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From Mr L. F. Churchill

Sir: Angela Lambert blames the media for intruding into the private lives of the high and mighty and famous, often destroying them. However, she also refers to sociologist Maggie O'Neill's evidence that many such people deliberately seek street prostitutes because they fully see the danger of being caught in public and enjoy the extra risk. No intrusion into their privacy here.

Mountaineers, too, realise that the slopes of Everest are far more dangerous than their own back gardens but they still go forth to seek their thrills. No one complains when they are "caught out", often disastrously, by nature's forces. So why should people in other high places complain when they are caught by the media, out and about with their pants down?

Yours faithfully

L. F. Churchill

Spalding, Lincolnshire