Letter: No secret deal on French N-tests

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From Mr N. G. van der Pas

Sir: Contrary to what Sarah Helm's article suggests ("Secret EU deals over N-test let Paris off the hook," 5 October), there is no secret deal. Unsubstantiated earlier reports in the Danish press have already been formally denied by the European Commission. The latter continues to press France for information. On this basis, it will decide whether action under article 34 of the Euratom Treaty should be taken.

Your correspondent writes of a secret memorandum. But she does not reveal its origins and is rather vague about its contents. The reader is left with the misleading impression that this paper could originate from the European Commission or even contain the "secret deal". On close reading, one understands that it could be any report from diplomatic circles. If it is, the author is wrong.

Yours faithfully,

N. G. van der Pas


European Commission


5 October