Letter: No sex please

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IN HIS article 'Film stars lost for words' (13 February), David Lister wrote that the British Board of Film Classification refused to give the U or PG certificate for Mrs Doubtfire because it contained swear words and sexual innuendo.

David Lister shares the view of many adults that 'children use the cinema for escapism and not as a mirror of the seedier side of street life'.

I have a suggestion to make. Why not show on television those perennial 'escapist' films made by the Children's Film and Television Foundation? As I remember them, there are no swear words and no sexual innuendo. They would delight today's children as they certainly did the children of yesteryear. Come to think of it, why not make one of them the second feature in a cinema programme?

Perhaps the director of the British Board of Film Classification could be persuaded to co-operate by giving the CFTF film a '12' certificate as an inducement for children to want to see the 'forbidden'.

Harriette Lewis

St Margarets, Middx