LETTER : No wonder people don't wear fur

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From Mr Mark Glover

Sir: Fur is not simply a by-product from "wildlife conservation programmes" or of "pest or disease control" measures, as described by the fur trade in its defence ("Fur flies over animal traps", 12 May). The trapper attempts to target the species that gives the highest rate of return at market, which, in turn, is determined by the whims of fashion designers.

The methods used to trap animals, however, are barbaric and cannot tell one species from another. Many animals from endangered species, even people's pets, are commonly trapped to die.

The European Union has made a stand against this cruelty and has passed a regulation banning the import of certain furs from countries that still allow this cruelty. The measure proposed is the bare minimum that the public demands, yet still the fur trade is attempting everything it can to delay or cancel its implementation.

No wonder people have turned their backs on the wearing of fur. There are more important things than money and it is time that the sad remnants of the fur trade recognised this.

Yours faithfully


Respect for Animals