Letter: Nobody will accept my innocence

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Sir: Justice doesn't exist in Britain, especially if a person is black or of working-class background. Once again the so-called British justice system has failed to rectify a blatant injustice. Instead, the might of the ruling authorities saw fit to re-try an innocent man to justify their illegal wrongdoings. The latest slander on my name is a similar re-run to the smear campaign waged by some of the media back in 1985, 1986 and 1987.

What people of this country don't want to admit is that I am totally innocent of PC Blakelock's death, and not guilty of Anthony Smith's murder. To put it bluntly, a black person can be innocent. If defending my life against three men armed with knives who intended doing me serious harm is classified as murder, there is something seriously wrong with the present system.

The real fact behind my invalid incarceration is that I have been politically exploited to relieve the pressure off the police and higher authorities' backs.

And at the same time, when I was being prepared to be crucified for PC Blakelock's murder, the powers that be also made sure that the way was paved for me to be steamrollered through the Smith case. The authorities were able to destroy whatever chance I ever had of having a fair trial in the Smith case - by making sure I was arrested for PC Blakelock's murder.

The Smith/Blakelock saga has been prejudiced at every turn. The slander still continues that I was involved in any way with the Broadwater Farm uprising. There is nothing wrong with the Esda test: remember, when the police want to convict people by using the Esda test, then the Esda test is the best. The Esda test has only been rubbished because it blatantly exposes normal police practice.

The judge approved 14 unnamed statements to be read out by the defence to the jury. What the judge did was wrong. Why has no one asked why none of these so-called witnesses ever gave evidence before? And why were the police given permission to take statements from three-, five- and eight-year-olds? If the media are correct that the witnesses' ages range between 13, 15, 18, etc, then if these statements are new, the people who are alleged to have made them were actually younger when the police claimed they saw what they saw in 1985.

The ruling authorities can continue the lie that I am guilty by using every means necessary. But at the end of the day it's their beloved justice system that suffers.

No justice, no peace.

Political hostage


HMP Swaleside


28 July

PS: I will never be getting out of this penal hell unless I receive justice in the Smith case, because any fool can see I am not in jail for the Smith case: I am here due to the fact that I was chosen.