Letter: Noises in the night and all day, too

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Sir: 'Party Pooper' brings up the angst of living in the country. Anyone contemplating this should think carefully but not about the threat of an occasional 'rave'.

Relaxation of strictures on land use have produced a constant anxiety in us inhabitants. Peace and quiet? What an illusion. All kinds of noisy activities drown out any bird song - clay-pigeon shooting, stock-car racing, horsey get-togethers, motor-cycle scrambling, unrestricted camping, all kinds of amateur 'flying' games on the one hand, and, on the other, an influx of pig farming or the building of enormous concentration camps for 'free-range' chickens and so on. These developments bring infestations of flies and smells the urban dweller cannot imagine.

Where there is space, there is noise and pollution. Space is forbidden to the resident. Farmers can put up ugly Atcost buildings, and fencing anywhere because it is 'agricultural', but the non- farming inhabitant cannot put up a garage or a conservatory - planners forbid]

Stay in the towns - I wish we had.

Yours faithfully,


Knox Bridge, Kent

2 August